image Industrial programming

Industrial programming: controllers for automation solutions

Programming PLC controllers is the main part in the automated control system. It is used for data recording to the application memory. The principle of the device operation is based on sequential cycles execution: the input is being polled, the specified program is executed, the output value is set and auxiliary operations are performed.

Controllers are divided into two categories:

  • freely programmable - loaded into the software through the PC interface or through the programmer;
  • configurable - several programs are stored in memory and you can switch between them during operation.

The Flexis Service Center provides programming services for industrial controllers. Our experts implement and customize automation systems in all areas of production.

Programmable controllers features

Consumers appreciate the reliable programming of PLC logic controllers. The device has proved working without failure for years in industrial enterprises. Microprocessors are resistant to radio frequency interference and electrostatic discharges.

Our experts consider the location of installing the processing sensors devices. In industrial enterprises, there are areas where the signal weakens. To eliminate interference, the bandpass filtering of the AOC is used.

Programming services for industrial controllers

Industrial programming is a multi-stage labor-consuming task provided by our specialists. The main stages of development are:

  • drawing up technical specifications сonsidering the needs of the enterprise;
  • agreement of the developed task with the contractor, who must approve the project;
  • signing up a contract indicating the amount for the services provided;
  • software development;
  • industrial controller programming;
  • at the final stage, both parties sign the act of the work done.

Programming industrial controllers plays a crucial role in the production process automation system. The implemented equipment operation efficiency depends on competent setup and careful attention to all the details.

Our service center provides programming services for industrial controllers of various modifications. The project is developed considering production characteristics and all customer requirements. Engineers maximize the potential and capabilities of integrated systems while automating the production.

Using Flexis you will receive a reliable integrator taking full responsibility for the quality of the work performed. You can find the list of services provided on this website.

  • We solve various problems of industrial programming - programming PLC (programmable logic controller, PLC) and motion controllers
  • We provide development, implementation and installation of industrial electronics, performance optimization of highly dynamic servo systems
  • Creation, construction and installation of electronic panels and control panels.
  • Networking related machines for distributed management
  • Prototype development and assembly, programming and development of specialized printed circuit boards and microcontrollers in small and medium quantities
  • Development, construction, installation and launch of programmable mechanisms and finished machines

We create various types of software:

  • Interactive graphical interfaces development for visualization and process control
  • Software development for industrial equipment management and for the collection, analysis and visual presentation of data for PC
  • System software development to support the functioning of monitoring systems and geoinformation systems
  • Applied (including web-oriented) software development the monitoring systems and geoinformation systems functioning