image Development, implementation, installation of industrial electronics

Automation of industrial equipment: the ability for the enterprise to open up new level

At modern enterprises, automated lines are increasingly being installed. The system monitors the workflow using sensors to track program mode metrics. Less time is spent on the work this way. Automation of production includes not only the production process but also integrates all areas of production, including accounting, financial and economic activity, logistics, etc. Installation of industrial electronics must be provided by an experienced professional. "Flexis" provides services for the installation, setup and further maintenance of electrical equipment.

Automation features of industrial equipment

Industrial electronics implementation will help to improve the quality and reduce the cost of products in any industry. Specialists at Flexis service center carry out the installation of electrical equipment with permission and with the individual characteristics of every facility.

Automation of industrial equipment greatly facilitates human labor and allows you to:

  • find the optimal solution and rationally use the available resources;
  • develop new products and make them competitive;
  • reduce the delay in production at every stage.

The automation system opens up great prospects for the enterprise, but this area has its own features. It’s all about the technical documentation, which should be adapted specifically for the products. During the project development, our specialists explore production thoroughly and find optimal solutions that will help automate the process,сonsidering all the important characteristics to ensure high-quality work.

Engineers think over the automation plan and create schemes for a specific object. As a result, the competitiveness of the enterprise will increase, and the products will be distinguished by unique properties and lower price. Automation requires time and money to purchase modern equipment, which pays for itself in the near future.

"Flexis" provides a wide range of services for the automation of the enterprise and the further maintenance of industrial electronics.

We offer turnkey solutions for various industries:

  • automation of bag making equipment
  • automation of equipment in the textile industry
  • mine equipment automation (lifting equipment)
  • on-line systems for automated monitoring of industrial facilities
  • geoinformation systems and moving objects monitoring systems

We create control and automation of industrial enterprises systems at various levels:

  • we carry out a technical audit and equipment and processes optimization of industrial enterprises in order tooptimize, increase productivity and reduce costs by offering automation equipment
  • possibility of various equipment automation level assessment
  • parameters of necessary motors and drives for your enterprise and machinery assessment
  • performance optimization for highly dynamic servo systems