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Repair of electronic industrial equipment in modern enterprises

Almost every industrial production today use electronic equipment systems and complex mechanisms. During operation any device needs maintenance. The staff rarely provides for the position of electronic engineer, especially in small enterprises. So the industrial electronic equipment repair is usually carried out by an external specialist.

Any malfunction creates inconvenience and can lead to the production shutdown. Flexis engineers are always ready to help and solve problems of any complexity. Our experts carry out diagnostics, eliminate malfunctions and electronic crashes, adjust parameters, conduct maintenance and this is not a complete list of services provided.

Features of electrical equipment repair

Industrial electronics is divided into two categories:

  • informational - devices that are designed for data processing and transmission: counters, signal amplifiers, device displays and other mechanisms;
  • energy (converting technology) - devices that convert one type of electrical energy into another: rectifiers, inverters, frequency converters.

Our experts repair electronic equipment and automatic control systems in all industries. The company’s arsenal has a complete set of measuring instruments, determination of problem location and elimination problem tools. Successful parts restoration makes it possible to operate the devices for a long time.

After fixing the problem, the specialist will explain the cause of the problem and will give recommendations on how to use the technics correctly. Perhaps the device was damaged because of overloading the electrical network and it’s necessary to install a voltage equalizer.

Why is it profitable to work with the Flexis service center?

Wide experience and professionalism of our specialists allows us to solve problems of any complexity, even if the customer doesn’t have technical documentation for the device. Repair of industrial electrical equipment with Flexis is:

  • a complex approach to the equipment repair of any complexity;
  • guarantee for the work performed;
  • reasonable price for the services provided.

Timely repair and maintenance of industrial electronics will reduce downtime, which is an important factor for any enterprise.


  • Support, updating and repair of existing electronic industrial equipment:
  • Troubleshooting electronic industrial control systems
  • Updating obsolete and worn drives and control systems
  • Launch of single machines and multi-machine production lines
  • Supply and delivery of components to replace obsolete and worn ones
  • Updating or replacing obsolete or worn components
  • Detection of electrical and mechanical faults,
  • Complex diagnostics of electronic parts of industrial equipment

We have experience working with such equipment:

  • Variable speed drives for DC and AC motors including inverters and soft starters
  • Servomotors and servos - Allen-Bradley; Control Techniques; Gefran; Lenze; Mitsubishi; NUM Servomac; Panasonic; Parker; Siemens
  • PLC (programmable logic controller, PLC) - Allen-Bradley; GE Fanuc; Lenze; Mitsubishi; Omron; Siemens; Telemecanique; Vipa
  • Multi-axis motion controllers - Optimized Control; Trio Motion Technology